About Innecs Power Systems

Lower energy costs and a better environment, this is what Innecs Power Systems supports.
Innecs believes in affordable technology in order to realise energy efficiency and environmental benefits with substantial users of energy.

We develop and supply burners, steam and gas turbines, which increase the energy efficiency with clients and reduce emissions at an acceptable price.

Our aim is to find a balance between the following business drivers of our clients and make them possible through our innovation.

Power Demand

We provide a stable and reliable energy supply and offer smart solutions by coupling heat to power.

Cost savings

Our solutions are energy-efficient and result in cost savings on feasible and affordable investments in energy saving.


With our expertise and products we make a contribution to a sustainable society by reducing pressure on the environment.

Our Innovative Energy Conversion Systems



The BoilerBurner is a unique boiler burner, which produces lower NOx exhaust gas values than traditional burners.   


The SteamExpander reduces steam pressure and makes use of the difference in pressure to drive the turbine and generate electricity at the same time.


The PowerBurner is a unique burner: a gas turbine and an integrated generator which generates high temperature heat and electricity at the same time.


The MiniSTEG is a unique small power station, which also generates electricity besides steam and in this way provides for its own energy needs.

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Current news

BOM Capital and Finidus invest in the growth of Innecs

Samenwerking Innecs - FinindusInnecs Power Systems BV has received a substantial growth equity investment by BOM Capital and the Belgian Finindus, to support its further international expansion. This memorable fact was officially confirmed on 13 September 2016.
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Innecs burner realises excellent NOx value of 58 mg/Nm3

BoilerBurnerInnecs has developed a burner for small steam and hot water boilers. This burner has a fine low-NOx performance of 58 mg/Nm3 and also works well, and in particular, with reverse-flame boilers.
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